Video: And now, an important message from "the children" about the election

Via Newsbusters, which has the lyrics, and you really should read them. Just yesterday, O lamented the fact our music these days isn’t political enough. Wish granted, champ. What makes this extra special, I think, is how “happy” all the children seem to be about participating. It looks like they filmed this right after being told it’s time for their annual vaccinations.

Ross Douthat cuts to it:

Not the first musical salute to Obama this year to go starkly negative on the opposition, but Douthat’s right that the visual idiom this time is classic Hopenchange. Three years ago, kids sang hymns to the goodness and greatness of Our Leader; today they sing about how an America under Romney will let sick people “just die.” That evolution’s worthy of another four years, no? WaPo has a column today declaring Obama some sort of archetypal father figure. Here’s the message that he’s fathered.

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