Open thread: The second Massachusetts Senate debate

7 p.m. ET airing live on C-SPAN and You already know why this is important so I won’t belabor it, but here’s the poll trend just to drive the point home. The question tonight: On what ground will this battle be fought? Another round over Warren’s phony Native American status, no doubt replete this time with indignant how-dare-you reproaches from the challenger? Or will Brown cite Legal Insurrection’s work and attack Warren on her habit of apparently practicing law in Massachusetts without admission to the bar? Over at Breitbart, Michael Patrick Leahy is optimistic. It would certainly fit with Brown’s strategy of attacking Warren first and foremost on her character: In a state as blue as Massachusetts, the “liberal loon” lament has less purchase than it does nearly anywhere else.

The future of ObamaCare repeal requires a strong performance by Brown. Click the image to watch.

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