Good news: If you were waiting for celebrity encouragement to vote, you just got the green light

I feel like we saw a new celebrity “voting (for Obama) is cool!” vid appear every other day during campaign ’08. This year, not so much. What happened? Is Hollywood sincerely disappointed in the politics of Hopenchange, or is this a simple case of there being less hipness-by-association to be mined from his fading brand? Or maybe I’m selling them short. Maybe they’re saving the stunt endorsements for the last five or six weeks.

Anyway, something new from the studiously “nonpartisan” Vote4Stuff campaign, featuring a galaxy of your favorite left-wing stars. They’re not telling you who or what to vote for, they just want you to vote. For anything you like: Gay marriage, higher taxes, climate-change regulation, “reproductive rights” — the possibilities are endless. The thinking here, I assume, is that you don’t need to be overtly partisan when you know in advance that the only demographic that might respond to this pitch already favors your guy by a 30-point margin. If young voters turn out, a heavy majority are voting for Obama. His problem is that that’s a major question mark right now, whereas the decidedly pro-Republican 65-and-over set will be there at the polls come rain or shine, without question. And a good thing too, or else conservatives would need to fund some sort of “nonpartisan” video urging seniors to turn out starring Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Chuck Norris, and Wilford Brimley. Which, now that I think about it … would potentially be the greatest political ad ever.

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