Good news: Sam Adams replaces Michelob Ultra as Republicans' favorite beer

He was the first tea partier, you know.

I’m partial to the Cherry Wheat, which shouldn’t surprise you. Flavored beers are how we beta males roll.

We’ve analyzed Scarborough Research data, which includes 200,000 interviews with American adults, to determine the politics of beer drinkers.

As the bubble chart shows, Dos Equis is a bipartisan brew – Republicans and Democrats both like to drink it. So Mr. Goldsmith’s public foray into the 2012 race could alienate a large share of Dos Equis fans.

Ironically, this is in contrast to its corporate sister Heineken, which as it turns out is the most Democratic beer of all. On the other hand, Republicans love their Coors Light and favor Sam Adams, which is brewed just a few miles away from Romney campaign headquarters and whose namesake was an original tea partier.

Click the first link up top to see Hotline’s complete chart, which includes Democratic favorites too. I screencapped the Republican quadrant below. The vertical axis represents turnout and the horizontal axis represents the spread between Republican and Democratic preferences for any given brand. Which means, technically, that Sam isn’t necessarily Republicans’ favorite; it’s just that, for whatever reason, Republicans like it considerably more than Democrats do. In theory, righties could be rating it 35 out of 100 while lefties are giving it 0, whereas with, say, Fosters, the GOP/Dem rating split could be 100/99. It’s more accurate to say that Sam inspires the strongest GOP skew. Anyway:

For comparison purposes, here’s the complete chart as of six months ago:

Semi-serious question, guys: What’s with the light beers? Nearly all of them that appear in both charts are on the Republican side of the ledger. Not sure how to read that. Are we more weight-conscious than Dems or, for unfathomable reasons, do many of us just prefer weak beer? I can deal with Bud Platinum because it’s a relatively high ABV for a light, but … Amstel Light? Really? Good lord, people. Who’s the RINO now?

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