Obama on "The View": "I've been told I'm just eye candy here"

I don’t want to raise expectations, but the most irritating Obama interview ever could be a mere 14 hours away.

When host and veteran journalist Barbara Walters kidded Michelle Obama about bringing the president as her “date,” Obama quipped, “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”…

During the show, the Obamas joked about their upcoming anniversary and presented the hosts with White House cloth napkins, golf balls, candy and bottles of Obama’s home-brewed beer. The couple’s 20th anniversary will fall on the day of the first presidential debate, Oct. 3.

“Our first wedding anniversary, I totally forgot,” Michelle dead-panned.

The president jokingly responded: “Cold.”

That’s from Reuters, which notes that the appearance was “squeezed in” before his UN obligations. True enough, if you exclude “meeting with foreign leaders” from his obligations; otherwise the “View” taping is more of an “in lieu of” thing. As for that “bump in the road” in Benghazi, good news: Slowly but surely, he’s coming around to the realization that the consulate attack that involved 50-100 masked men using heavy weapons and military tactics probably wasn’t a spontaneous protest that got a little out of hand.

President Obama continued the shift in his administration’s language in explaining the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, saying Monday in a taping of “The View” that the assault that killed the U.S. ambassador and three others “wasn’t just a mob action.”…

“There’s no doubt” that the assault “wasn’t just a mob action” but a sign of extremism in nations lacking stability,” Obama said in the taping of the ABC show “The View.” “What’s been interesting, just this past week, there were these massive protests against these extremists militias that are suspected, maybe, of having been involved in this attack.”

The latest on why that more-than-a-mob-action was so successful comes from CNN, reporting tonight that because the consulate was a temporary facility it was subject to waivers that permitted fewer guards and general security measures. They did upgrade security a bit in the last few months, but not with measures designed to repel an attack by a militia. Because who could have anticipated that a militia might attack a U.S. consulate in … war-torn Libya, where jihadist militias have owned the streets for more than a year?

Via News Busters, here’s Krauthammer imagining today’s news in an alternate universe where the media is fair.

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