New Elizabeth Warren ad: My parents told me my mom was part Native American, so there you go

I didn’t think that exchange over her heritage at the debate last week had drawn any blood, but evidently it did. There’s no way her team would waste resources in addressing this subject unless they didn’t like the feedback they got afterward. And if that doesn’t convince you, check out the second clip below: Brown is now running attack ads on it. I wonder what sort of nerve this is hitting in the polling for it to suddenly be injected back into the race. Is it a pure “trust” thing or are her academic credentials more important to her candidacy than thought? If you watch the debate clip again, you’ll find Brown complimenting her as a “good teacher” at one point, but that’s at odds with the thrust of this argument, which is to suggest that she got where she is not on merit but due to “diversity.” I’m really surprised that it’s re-emerging down the stretch, and that she’s willing to play defense on it rather than spend her time trying to tie him to Romney and the GOP.

The defense, incidentally, is predictable: Brown’s not attacking her, he’s attacking her family. The monster.