Biden reveals secret of his success: He's known three presidents intimately

To cleanse the palate, via BuzzFeed. He doesn’t name the three, but let’s face it: Bill Clinton’s not known for being discriminating.

The bit about knowing presidents intimately is silly fun but this is worth watching for the substantive point he’s trying to make. He really, truly wants you to believe that a guy who waited until an election year to unilaterally enact parts of the DREAM Act and reveal his true position on gay marriage is too high-minded to make policy with an eye to political considerations. Pro tip for Slow Joe: The reason he never asks “how do I benefit from this decision?” at cabinet meetings is because he’s already thought that through. He doesn’t need any input on it from you and Hillary. That’s what Axelrod and Plouffe are for. You don’t even need to be conservative to see this: The left griped endlessly during the ObamaCare debate that O should have pushed harder for the public option given that he potentially had 60 Democratic votes in the Senate for it. He didn’t push for it, though, partly because he worried about feeding the GOP’s attacks that the bill was a government takeover of health care. He wanted to preserve as much centrist credibility as possible for his re-election bid, which is always job one. Defend his policies if you want, but cut the “above politics” crap at least. We’re one too many “Romney gave a steelworker’s wife cancer” ads past that for it to work anymore.

Exit quotation via Andy Levy: