Akin: The "liberal elitist media" is trying to push me out of the race

The liberal media? Like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin?

BuzzFeed notices that he has the same thing posted on his campaign website. Under normal circumstances, this would be a smart play. If you’re a conservative who’s been pegged as too fringe and damaged to win, the obvious move is to RINO-ize your critics and rally grassroots righties behind you by doing battle with the squishy liberal hordes. Like I said in the other thread, I think he’ll still be able to pull off a variation of that strategy down the stretch if he can avoid any other major gaffes and stay reasonably close to McCaskill in the polls. If the seat looks remotely winnable in October, the base will grudgingly let bygones be bygones and pressure the NRSC to go all-in to help him win. But to play the “us vs. them” card right now, when he’s got some of the truest “true conservatives” on the right hammering him as an embarrassment who can’t win? Good lord. How did this guy get elected to Congress?

Via Right Vid, here’s one of those elitist liberal media types righteously repulsed at the idea that anyone, Todd Akin included, thinks “Senator Akin” is a more important goal than repealing ObamaCare.