Video: Noted dog-eater now making jokes about Romney putting his dog on the car roof

Via the Examiner. In fairness to O, I expect no less than half a dozen dog-eating jokes at the GOP convention. Christie alone should be good for two or three. “Pro tip, Mr. President, from a guy who’s tried a lot of food in his time: Try to draw the line at animals that know their own names.” Etc etc etc.

I wonder how bad the polls would have to be for O and company to start pushing the Seamus story in earnest. Remember, according to lefty Chris Hayes, Team Hopenchange is “obsessed” with that incident because it allegedly polls horribly for Romney in focus groups. If you think the White House’s campaign can’t get any smaller or lamer, wait a few weeks until Mitt gets his convention bounce and Axelrod et al. start to get fidgety. They’ll be running Debbie Wasserman-Schultz out there in front of a huge, stark black-and-white photo of a dog locked in a kennel with the word “WHY?” at the bottom. Not even to speak, mind you — just to stand there and emote while that Sarah McLachlan song plays over the loudspeakers. Like Newsweek said shortly after the Ryan pick was announced, if you think Democrats are really eager for a cool-headed debate over ideas, you’re kidding yourself.