Rick Warren: Chick-fil-A's owner told me they set a new world record in sales today

And the day’s not over yet.

Somewhere, a Burger King ad man’s toying with the idea of having “The King” declare himself “100% pro-life.”


Not a word about today’s activities has been whispered on Chick-fil-A’s feed even though CFA has been trending on Twitter off and on all day. As noted in the earlier post, the suspicion is that the company’s lying low about what’s happening in order to extricate itself from the front line of the culture war, but I wonder if today’s outpouring will draw some sort of recognition tomorrow. If Dan Cathy’s willing to tout the numbers to Rick Warren, presumably an official acknowledgment and thank you is on the way.

There’s no shortage of local news stories out there about huge lines at the neighborhood CFA; if you’re curious, these two, from Iowa and Kentucky, are fairly representative. Meanwhile, I assume some sort of “Unappreciation Day” is in the works on the left, if only to respond to such an impressive show of strength, but I don’t know. Could be that, between this and the thuggish idiocy of Rahm and Mumbles Menino, they’re ready to cut their losses. Exit question: How big a political victory is this for Huckabee? Per this Fox News clip (via Mediaite), even he sounds surprised.