Great news: GOP Rep. Don Young endorses Democrat in totally winnable Hawaii Senate race

Remember, the only hope the GOP has of repealing ObamaCare is taking back the Senate next year. It’s no sure thing that GOP nominee Linda Lingle would vote with the caucus to do it — being the deciding vote to torpedo the legacy of Hawaii’s favorite son would require some nerve — but she says she will if given the chance. And as Red State notes, Hirono’s actually the most liberal candidate in an already pretty liberal field. If, for whatever bizarre reason, Young considers a moderate like Lingle to be too far right to suit his tastes, he could have endorsed Blue Dog Ed Case over Hirono. Instead, this. Why?

He’s been in Congress for 40 years, he’s an avowed earmarker, he’s been dogged for years by ethics questions, and now he’s backing Democrats in hugely consequential races. There’s no one in the deep red state of Alaska willing and able to primary this guy? I realize he’s a state institution with huge name recognition, but if the tea party can beat Rick Perry and the Texas GOP establishment to elect Ted Cruz — which looks increasingly likely — I’m thinking they can bounce Young.