Video: Romney surrogate John Sununu laughs in Andrea Mitchell's face

Via Business Insider, your feelgood video of the day. Think of it as a companion piece to Gallup’s new poll showing the steep decline in respect for the media over the past 20 years. She’s out to prove that Romney’s the real offshorer-in-chief despite ample evidence to the contrary; Sununu’s having none of it, and her reaction is so feeble that he can’t help but giggle. I don’t think he’s laughing to spite her either; he’s genuinely tickled by the transparency of the game being played. You can afford to laugh, I guess, when confidence in television news stands at a robust 21 percent nationally.

Question: Does Team Mitt’s offshoring counterattack have a real chance of sticking to The One? I like it a lot — and O’s not the only prominent Democrat who’s vulnerable on this point — but I suspect that stereotypes, partisan and otherwise, will make it a bigger electoral liability for Romney than O. The caricature of offshoring involves rich corporate execs sending blue-collar jobs overseas to pad their bank accounts. It’s unfair to Romney, but he’s closer to that caricature than Obama is. Which is not to say he shouldn’t push back, though: Pointing out The One’s offshoring practices is a way to blunt and muddle the Democratic attack. Especially since some people on their own side aren’t thrilled with Obama’s record on this either.

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