Pelosi on the ObamaCare ruling: "Total victory"

I figured we’d wind down D-Day with a little extra motivation for everyone to turn out this fall. Who better than Nancy to provide it? The image of her gloating when the House passed ObamaCare, waving around that giant ceremonial gavel like it was the Lombardi Trophy, alone probably accounted for half the seats the GOP picked up in the midterms. A few more soundbites like this can probably deliver Ohio and Michigan.

Not enough motivation? Here, let me make it extra special:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday credited the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) with driving the success of the Democrats’ healthcare law – even from his grave…

“I knew that when he left us he would go to heaven and help pass the bill,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “And now he can rest in peace. His dream for America’s families has become a reality.”

Forget what I said about Pelosi’s “victory” comment being a strong motivator; this is a strong motivator. Although, to be honest, I hope she’s right. As an atheist, I have a keen interest in the bar for admission into heaven being low just in case I’m wrong about the hereafter. If a guy can leave a woman to drown and still make into heaven, where he’s free to beam socialist inspiration into the minds of Democratic leaders, then dude, I’m in like flynn.

Oh, more good news: Pelosi forgot Brian Terry’s name on the House floor today during the run-up to Holder’s contempt vote. Maybe Teddy can straighten her out during their next seance.

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