Video: Mourdock celebrates Supreme Court decision striking down ObamaCare

Silly fun via Roll Call and, evidently, a Mourdock campaign staffer whose YouTube upload trigger finger got a bit too itchy. Nothing wrong with planning for every contingency so that you’re ready to go messaging-wise when the bomb drops; Ed and I, in fact, have already prepared posts for 17 different possible outcomes, including one in which John Roberts is eaten by wolves as he’s reading the majority opinion. I’m impressed, actually, that Mourdock was so thorough: The last clip you’ll find below is devoted to the vanishingly small possibility that the Court will find that challenges to ObamaCare aren’t ripe yet due to the Anti-Injunction Act. If that’s the decision, after months of tension and several days of “IS THIS IT?” anticipation over the past two weeks, mobs would descend on the building with tar and feathers.

Incidentally, I think Sean Trende and Philip Klein are right that the decision probably won’t come on Monday. By scheduling three days of oral arguments, the Court’s already showed that it’s willing to devote special attention to ObamaCare case. As such, there’s no reason to think they won’t set aside a day next week for that decision alone rather than jam it into a sitting where four other opinions will be announced. For the moment, Monday is the last day of the session, but SCOTUSblog noticed this morning that the Court hasn’t formally announced it as the last day of the session yet, which it typically does. I’m thinking we’ll get the other four rulings on Monday (including the Arizona immigration case) and then D-Day on ObamaCare next Thursday. In his daydreams, I imagine John Roberts wishing it could go something like this.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023