Confirmed: Noted orator just copy-pasting from old speeches now

I guessed yesterday that this ad was coming and now here it is. The RNC did this to him a few months ago too, comparing passages from his 2012 budget speech in early April to passages from his 2011 budget speech. This new ad compares passages from yesterday’s speech to passages from … the 2012 budget speech in April. In other words, not only has he recycled rhetoric that’s more than a year old, he’s done it more than once. What the hell are his speechwriters busy with these days that they can’t set aside time to find fresh language for a “major” speech on the left’s and right’s competing economic visions? Either they’ve embraced the religion of talking points so thoroughly that they’ve taken to repeating not just the same points but the same sentences or they simply have nothing new to work with because O won’t give them any serious proposals worth writing about. Whatever the answer, it’s worth noting that the earlier RNC ad ran just 80 seconds whereas this one clocks in at nearly three minutes, presumably because there was that much more material cribbed from an earlier speech yesterday. He’s actually getting more repetitive, not less.

That’s the first clip. The second, via Moe Lane, comes from American Crossroads and is more impressionistic about the effect of his oratory these days. When even the press is bored, who’s left?