Pelosi: ObamaCare is a right, not a privilege

Of course it is. All progressive policy preferences are, you know.

Remember, once enacted, an entitlement is pristine and untouchable.

“Here’s the thing: the American Affordable Care Act stands there with Social Security, Medicare, health care for all Americans as a right, not a privilege,” said Pelosi. “It was opposed vigorously by two forces: one, the health insurance industry, and secondly by anti-government ideologues who do not believe that there should be a government role in clean air, clean water, as well as health care in our country.

“We don’t want our proposal to have any more government than it needs,” said Pelosi.

“It’s very private sector oriented, it’s market-oriented, it’s about prevention, it’s about innovation, it’s about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the American people because it frees them, unlocks them from a job that they may keep only because of the health benefits to pursue their happiness.”

The word “health” does not appear in the U.S. Constitution.

The health insurance industry “vigorously opposed” ObamaCare? Really? Isn’t the left’s core critique of ObamaCare that it’s a giant giveaway to the health-insurance industry when it should have been a glorious government-run single-payer monopoly instead? If this galactic boondoggle wasn’t all that was left of her Speakership, I’m sure Pelosi herself would be dumping on it as a sell-out to corporations.

As for the “idea” that O-Care is some sort of inalienable right rather than a statutory privilege, normally I’d spend some time parsing that logic but since it’s Nancy “Are you serious?” Pelosi, I think we can just go ahead and wave it off. Here’s a fun and timely bit of data for you as a counterpoint, though:

When asked directly if the requirement to buy health insurance is a violation of individual rights protected by the Constitution, 60 percent of voters say yes — almost identical to the number who think the court should overturn at least that part of the health care law.

Nearly nine of 10 Republicans (87 percent), two-thirds of independents (66 percent) and a third of Democrats (33 percent) think the individual mandate is a violation of individual rights.

Proof positive, my friends, that the public wants ObamaCare gone, gone, gone. Exit question: Or is it?