Rand Paul endorses Romney; Update: Video added

I didn’t get to watch “Hannity” tonight but the Freepers say that it happened. So that’s what that meeting in late May was all about.

Dustin Siggins, one of our Greenroomers, interviewed Paul recently and asked him what he wants from a Romney presidency. Quote:

DS: There’s been talk about you being asked to be VP by Mitt Romney, especially in light of the meeting between the two of you in late May. What are the top three specific policy solutions you would like to see the GOP’s presumptive nominee and whomever he picks to be VP to focus on in the general election and subsequently sign into law if elected?

Sen. Rand Paul: I believe the number one threat to the nation is our debt. We have to balance the budget in a finite period of time, and it probably won’t happen until we get a Balanced Budget Amendment. Now, a President doesn’t sign a constitutional amendment, so I don’t know how much of a difference support from a President will make. But it will take a difference in governing. When we were in charge with Bush and in charge of both Houses, we doubled the size of Department of Education and expanded Medicare. Bush I expanded the wetlands nonsense. Will we do a better job with a GOP Administration and Congress in 2012? I hope so, and I’ve tried to get actively involved, including endorsing endorsed Ted Cruz in Texas and Mark Neumann in Wisconsin.

I think people are kidding themselves in speculating about Paul as VP. He has only two years of experience, would be demagogued even more gleefully by the left than Paul Ryan would for his willingness to make deep cuts, and almost certainly wants to preserve his independence from Romney’s inevitable shift towards the center. He won’t be on the ticket, but his endorsement is important in (hopefully) keeping Paul’s legions inside the tent in November. And it’s important to Rand too, of course, insofar as it means he’s a lock to speak at the convention now and can introduce himself to the country in anticipation of a future run. If you were worried about some sort of floor revolt among Paul-supporting delegates in Tampa, you probably don’t have to worry anymore.

I’ll post the video as soon as it’s available. Stand by.

Update: And here’s the video now.