No joke: New White House website offers children lessons on ... financial literacy

Via the office of GOP Rep. Tim Griffin, who’s having no end of fun with this on his Twitter account, go take a peek at some of the valuable insights about thrift that the Five Trillion Dollar Man is now passing on to America’s youth. I held it together for most of the presentation but here’s where the giggles began:

Wise advice, government financial website. Living within one’s means is a solid prudential foundation. Any further insights?

Why yes, I suppose that interest payments could be quite onerous potentially if one continued to run up debt that can’t easily be paid off. Some bad advice from the critics, though:

Renick also says that the first lesson, “You need money to buy things,” emphasizes over-consumption, and that it should have instead been phrased, “You need money to save for the things you want.”

But … what about the paradox of thrift? And why worry much about saving when, hopefully, we’ll have cradle-to-grave welfare to help rescue the Julias of tomorrow when they get in a pinch? Ah well. As I say, gather your kids around and then follow the link as there really is some sound advice there that they’ll need to learn and then, if they end up getting elected to Congress, quietly discard. Exit question: Hey, is it really true that Obama’s big spending binge is a figment of our collective imagination? Exit answer: Nope.

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David Strom 6:41 PM on January 26, 2023