NC student on pro-Obama teacher who berated him: "She doesn't want to hear anything but what she believes in"

The follow-up to yesterday’s viral vid du jour. It’s nice that this kid is getting some TV time for exposing his teacher but the Fox News interview doesn’t do justice to how savvy he is. For that, read the Salisbury Post:

“I didn’t think that it was going to be like this, but honestly I’m excited,” he said. “I want people to see this, let this be an example.”…

“I videoed this because there are millions of kids going home every day telling their parents there is a teacher doing this, and a lot of parents think because teachers are role models they can’t be doing anything that bad,” Rogers said…

Hunter Rogers said he felt like Dixon-Neely was “lying to my face” when she said that people have been arrested for speaking ill of the president.

“Either she was lying to me or she didn’t know any better,” he said. “But I know way better, I know that nobody can take away your freedom of speech unless you threaten the president.”

His parents have pulled him out of the school because of all the attention the incident’s gotten. I was thinking while I watched the clip that there’s bound to be lots, lots more of this sort of thing bubbling up online now that smart phones are ubiquitous even among young teenagers, but Ace is already one step ahead:

Oh, by the way: Know that the next step, coming to your school, is a ban on recording devices or cell phones with a recording feature.

They don’t want people to know how awful and incompetent many of them are, and they’ll make up any pretext for keeping this a secret.

So expect your local schools to begin banning recording devices, arguing it’s “disruptive” to orderliness and “promotes a climate of suspicion and guardedness rather than openness and honesty.”

Meaning: The Teachers Union teachers could not keep their jobs if the public got a look inside the classroom.

Fight this when it comes to your town– because it is coming.

Exactly. It’s not just the attempt at indoctrination that made this a hit online; Rogers didn’t end up being indoctrinated, after all. It’s the fact that his teacher really might not have known that you can’t be arrested for criticizing the president. (Per the blockquote, note that even Rogers isn’t sure whether she’s lying or just tremendously ignorant.) That’s what the unions will worry about — not that indoctrination will be exposed, since that can hypothetically be cured with a reprimand and a blanket “no politics in the classroom” rule, but the fact that some of them simply don’t know what they’re talking about when they’re at the blackboard. If YouTube clips start revealing incompetence, that’s a much bigger threat to their institutional prerogatives. The obvious solution: A ban on student cell phones. As Ace says, it’s coming.

Your homework assignment this afternoon is to read Troy Senik’s tribute to the worst union in America.

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