Penn Jillette: Would Obama be president if he had been busted years ago under laws he now condones for doing drugs?

Via HuffPo, something here for everyone. For the pro-legalization crowd, a righteous five-minute rant on how the war on weed is capable of squelching career possibilities for even the most promising young citizens. For the anti-legalization crowd, a five-minute rant on how Obama’s an unbelievable hypocrite. And for the anti-legalization yet pro-Obama crowd, … actually, do those people even exist? If so, proceed no further.

The profanity here is less than I expected but you’re not going to get away scot free when Penn Jillette’s on a tear, so please observe your official content warning. Exit question: Will this be the subject of O’s next “evolution”? No one believes he supports criminalizing marijuana for anything other than political reasons, just as no one believed he was opposed to gay marriage. Assuming he wins in November, expect this charade to drop circa early 2015.