Oh yes: "Anchorman 2" trailer debuts

The first one was my favorite comedy of the past 10 years so I’m thinking this can’t possibly miss. But it can. Badly. If you doubt me, pick up this stinkeroo in the bargain bin at your local electronics outlet. My theory about it is that they went ahead and assembled an entire separate film out of the least funny ad-libbed outtakes from the first movie. The good news in that? They had the comic sense to know which bits were funny and which weren’t. The bad news? They may have decided that there’s enough of a cultural appetite for this particular shtick that they can get away with shoveling any old crapola into the audience’s maw. See, e.g., “The Hangover 2.” Or, actually, “The Hangover.”

The trailer did make me chuckle, though. High hopes.

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