Confirmed: Superman might be gay

Makes sense. He’s got the build, the fashion sense, and just maybe the gaydar-pinging facial structure. And yet — no one’s sure yet that he’s the one who’s coming out. All we know is that it’s a male, that it’ll happen next month, and that he’s “one of the major iconic DC characters.”

Is there something you’d like to tell us, Batman?

Actually, no need: We already know.

So which one is it? The folks at DC Comics aren’t saying, but they do say it’s the latest effort to make sure their comics keep up with the times.

Last September, DC Comics relaunched its entire line of comic books to feature an updated look and a new lineup of LGBT superheroes: including Voodoo, an African American bisexual woman and Batwoman, an open lesbian…

“DC and (archrival) Marvel are recognizing that there is an LGBT audience that has been reading their comics for years,” said Matt Kane, associate director of entertainment and media for GLAAD. “When creating these fictional worlds it’s important to show the full diversity.”

Aside from making good business sense, Kane said younger readers are perfectly comfortable with gay characters and expect to see their peers represented.

As a wise man once said, “culture is upstream from politics.” Another clue from Bleeding Cool, which broke this story:

As Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne explained, just like the President of the United States, the co-publisher’s policy on this “has evolved.”

And despite his best efforts to stem Dan’s wandering mouth, we also got the very strong impression that the death of Superman of Earth Two many not have been as final as portrayed…

So Superman’s going to return from a near-death experience having suddenly turned gay? Wouldn’t be the first time, my friends. Exit question: Did Obama’s “evolution” give Supes the courage to finally admit the truth? It’s canny marketing by D.C. to try to capitalize on The One’s big announcement by plugging one of their major characters directly into the news cycle. And, assuming they’re Obama fans, it gives their guy a tiny bit of extra political cover. Wouldn’t be the first time that that’s happened with a constituency on this issue either.

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET