Glenn Beck to Rev. Wright: I'll give you $150,000 for the dirt you have on Obama

A companion piece to the audio files posted at The Blaze of Wright’s interview with author Edward Klein. As Beck says and as Ed noted a few days ago, the money line from O to Wright, allegedly, is “You know what your problem is? You have to tell the truth.” If that came from someone else, I’d chalk it up to a slick pol trying to flatter a troublesome friend into not causing him any more headaches. But after last week’s finale to his hypercynical slow motion “evolution” on gay marriage and yesterday’s reminder from Congress of how little O’s done to speak frankly with Americans about the fiscal crisis, this really is a nifty summation of his approach. If only the media hadn’t decided that this subject is off-limits, we might find out which political “truths” he thinks Wright’s in the habit of telling.

As for the truth about O’s attempts to silence him, Beck’s $150K offer is obviously a goof on the alleged bribe in the same amount by Obama pal Eric Whitaker to Wright in 2008. You would think the press might be hounding the White House about that given that (a) the program run by Whitaker recently benefited handsomely from an HHS grant, (b) this accusation is supported by audio of Wright himself making the charge, and (c) the idea of a crony bribing someone on behalf of his candidate friend sounds an awful lot like what John Edwards is on trial for. But no, apart from BuzzFeed (which got no reply from Whitaker’s office when it inquired) and a few others, apparently this story too is unimportant because it’s uninteresting/unhelpful/offensive. More stories about Mitt Romney’s dog, please.

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