Obama: Sometimes I forget the magnitude of the recession

Via BuzzFeed, pity our poor media that it was The One who said this and not Romney. The difference is a full day’s worth of breathless coverage of a callous elitist who’s out of touch with America’s economic hardship. Maybe two, unless they get interrupted with a hot story about a teen Mitt beating someone up 50 years ago.

Hopefully he’ll recycle this line at tonight’s $15 million blowout fundraiser at Clooney’s house. I’ll bet that crowd forgets the magnitude of the recession sometimes too. Two clips for you here, one of the gaffe you’ll be seeing from now until November in Romney attack ads and the other of O’s new commercial touting his record on, er, jobs. People have criticized his “Julia” gimmick by claiming his campaign was forced to invent support for his economic approach. Not true. They did find one guy.