Bold new critic of Obama's class-warfare nonsense: Yes, most of my Hollywood friends agree with me

To cleanse the palate, the perfect follow-up to Ed’s Hollywood post this morning and the answer to the lingering question in my post yesterday about what Lovitz meant when he said his celebrity pals had soured on O. I took that to be a standard liberal critique: They elected Obama to raise taxes and institute single-payer and bring home all the troops immediately, blah blah blah. Not so, if you believe JL. Turns out rich leftists, at least of the Hollywood variety, aren’t thrilled with the class-warfare demagoguery lately either. Which explains why they’ll all be voting Romney in November, right?

By the way, we’re mere hours away from the greatest Hollywood fundraiser in history. The main attraction: A huge A-list mega-celebrity known more for his personal charm than his body of work. Also, George Clooney will be there.