Video: Bold new critic of Obama’s class warfare nonsense getting bolder by the day

Via Mediaite, the third in an ongoing (and, judging by the page views, extremely popular) series. I’m going to give you two words and I want you to think hard before you react: Romney/Lovitz. It’ll be a fusion ticket. Republican and Democrat, stiff and comedian, trim and husky — basically a Romney/Christie ticket, in other words, except with slightly less gubernatorial experience. If you think Christie’s tough on liberal pieties, wait until Vice President Lovitz starts dropping F-bombs on the “Occupy” crowd.

Actually, contra my headline, is it really true that Lovitz is getting bolder by the day? Pay close attention at the end of the clip, where he appears to agree with Morgan about progressive taxation. His issue with Obama seems to be more rhetorical than substantive: It’s not that he minds asking the rich to pay more, it’s that he objects to the gassy “fair share” language and, especially, the grotesque class-warfare messaging of Occupy’s “99 percent” nonsense. I can’t tell at this point how sharply he disagrees with The One on policy specifics and how much is Lovitz just bristling at cheap populist demagoguery.

Exit question: Near the end, he tells Morgan that a lot of his Hollywood pals are disenchanted with Obama. Really? He means that they’re disenchanted because O isn’t quite liberal enough, right?