Attention, nerds: Real lightsabers now available

Via Gizmodo, a palate cleanser in honor of Star Wars Day. The good news? Real lasers are involved and they are, apparently, spectacular to behold — so much so that you need special shades to be in close proximity to this thing. The bad news? The exciting fight scenes in the promo are somewhat undercut by the voiceover insisting that you’re … not supposed to fight with the saber. Yeah. Extremely dangerous. So what you have here, apparently, is (a) a display piece that can’t be safely displayed without proper eyewear for the three percent of consumers who use it as intended and (b) a formidably risky weapon for the 97 percent who don’t.

On the upside, fellas, lady nerds are bound to be impressed, especially if you wear an old gray muscle shirt while wielding it like the dude in the clip to look extra bad-ass. Exit question: What’s the over/under on casualties at the next “Star Wars” convention?

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