Today's outrage: Romney thought his rich friend's house was pretty cool

Don’t be daunted by the clip’s length; the key bit comes right at the beginning. Is this really today’s outrageous outrage, though? A quickie check of Memeorandum reveals that not a single lefty blog has bitten on the clip. It’s ABC that’s trying to kickstart it as a scandal du jour with this perfecto headline: “Romney, In Cell Phone Video, Opines on Wealth.” Rich guy talking about being rich — totally mundane, yet somehow sinister enough that the fact that it was recorded surreptitiously warranted mentioning.

At a private fundraiser at the home of pizza giant John Schnatter last month, Mitt Romney is seen on a cell phone video offering his candid thoughts on how Democrats and Republicans view wealth.

“What a welcome, what a place this is my goodness,” said Romney, who is shown in the video is standing outside at Schnatter’s estate in Anchorage, Ky. Schnatter is the founder of of the Papa John’s Pizza empire…

“What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course, you know if a Democrat were here he’d look around and say no one should live like this,” said Romney, as the crowd began to laugh. “Republicans come here and say everyone should live like this, all right. This is a really tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.”

Go look at what was posted 16 minutes later as the very next item on ABC’s “The Note” blog. Good lord, people. Leave some material for Think Progress. (Actually, TP got to this story two days ago.)

Like Ben Domenech, I think if there’s anything noteworthy here it’s the fact that this is a surprisingly decent zinger coming from a guy who’s walked into more than one rhetorical doorknob on the trail when talking about wealth. It’s a solid parry to O’s class resentment gimmicks: Everyone aspires to be rich so take time to remind them occasionally of that aspiration.

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