Gamechanger: Are you ready for the Republican "sexy frisbee" ad?

Alternate headline: “Gingrich launches bold new campaign direction at eleventh hour.”

No no, kidding. This is from Fred Karger, whose current odds at the nomination are even longer than Newt’s (I think). As you’ll see, when he calls himself a “moderate” Republican, he ain’t kidding. Either the California primary electorate’s opinion of Prop 8 has changed dramatically or else he decided that the best use of his campaign funds at this point was an attention-getting goof aimed at content-hungry media types like yours truly. Well played, Fred. It lacks the gritty charm of Mark Block taking a drag on a cigarette, but as viral political ads go, you can do worse than attractive women in hot pants.

Exit question: Romney/Karger 2012? That ticket certainly would be balanced.

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