Richard Wolffe: This dog-eating thing is about treating Obama as the other

See, I thought the dog-eating thing was a surreal goof on the left’s moronic preoccupation with Romney’s dog, but here’s the author of “Revival 2.0: How the Obama White House Is Making Its Political Comeback” to set me straight. The good news? This actually isn’t the dumbest example of “dog whistle” detection (no pun intended) over the past 24 hours. The bad news? I predicted the left wouldn’t start making bad-faith accusations of racism to quiet down the dog-eating silliness until Monday at the earliest. I was almost right — so far they’ve mostly stuck to “what’s wrong with eating dogs?” equivocation — but, as of this show’s airing, I’m off the mark. My mistake. Say this much for Wolffe, though: The fact that he took umbrage about treating opponents as “alien creatures” on a show that ended yesterday with a wholly gratuitous detour into Romney’s Mormonism suggests a certain sense of humor. Why, if it had been Mitt who’d dined on dog as a kid, I bet he’d get the joke straightaway.

Two clips for you, one of Wolffe and the other — well, it’s self-explanatory. Be sure to watch to the end of the MSNBC clip too to see Jonathan Alter weigh in, quite earnestly, on dog-eating and how it’s the right’s attempt to “fuzz up” Obama’s Very Serious talking point about Romney’s dog. That’s … sort of true, I suppose, if by “fuzz up” you mean “highlight the dispiriting, insulting ridiculousness of.” Exit question: Did Newt start the dog wars? Oh, the irony.

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