Democrats debut compelling, forward-looking new message

Via Powerline. Remember that story about how Obama’s campaign was looking for a new slogan?

I think they’ve found it.

Note that this is the bumper sticker they’re giving away free when you sign up on their site. Of all the messages they could have chosen — “Universal health care, finally,” “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive,” “End the war on women,” or even the basic “Four more years” — they zeroed in on … this. Either they’re awfully cynical about the sort of branding that appeals to their base (and by “cynical” I of course mean “savvy”) or they’ve targeted this slogan as the one they most want to see on car bumpers coast to coast. There’s a nifty metaphor for public disillusionment with Obama. From Hope and Change in ’08 to “at least we’re not them.”

Meanwhile, here’s what the Pennsylvania Democrats have been doing with their time lately. Exit question: Isn’t Romney’s de facto slogan for grassroots conservatives essentially, “Not Barack Obama”?

Update: Sorry, I’ve been unfair. There’s another, more positive Democratic slogan circulating right now too: Win a chance to meet George Clooney.

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