Sad video confirmation: Obama's speechwriters just phoning it in now

Paul Ryan told ABC yesterday when they asked him about O’s latest smear job that he’s “become accustomed to this kind of rhetoric from the president,” but wait until you see this. He didn’t know the half of it. Look at it this way, though: There are only so many ways to accuse House Republicans of hating sick people and disabled kids. If you’ve got a paragraph on point, why not just copy/paste that sucker in there and check the “Paul Ryan wants to kill grandma” box? Obama himself has obviously stopped paying attention to his own demagoguery or else he would have caught this recycling in draft and demanded a rewrite. The media apparently isn’t paying much attention either because this clip from the RNC oppo team is the first we’ve heard of O’s repetition.

Maybe he’s been giving the same three speeches since 2009 and nobody’s noticed because we’ve all tuned him out. Time to start running the transcripts through one of those draft-comparison software programs. Just from memory, I recall roughly eight thousand separate iterations of “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Which, as it turns out, you can’t.