Biden: You know, in a way, Obama's faced tougher decisions than FDR did

I like to think of him as the Brick Tamland of the Obama administration. Not a bad guy. Just … “special.”

“I’ve watched him make decisions that would make another man or woman’s hair curl,” Biden told the crowd of 150 inside the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee, according to a pool reporter on scene…

“I think I can say … no president, and I would argue in the 20th century and including now the 21st century, has had as many serious problems which are cases of first-instance laid on his table,” Biden said. “Franklin Roosevelt faced more dire consequences, but in a bizarre way it was more straightforward.”

The vice president claimed that the complexity of the 2008 financial crisis presented challenges in a way the Great Depression of 80 years ago did not.

The Great Depression and a surprise attack leading to a two-front world war weren’t serious problems of “first instance,” but the financial crisis — part of which was “solved” under Bush when TARP passed — and taking down an enemy leader like Bin Laden were? I don’t begrudge him wanting to spin Obama’s record in the best light but it’s bizarre to see him reach for these grandiose historical analogies (remember this insanity?) when his own base is putting out satirical clips about how disappointed they are in The One. And he can’t seem to get over the fact that O ordered the Bin Laden raid even though Panetta was the only member of the national security team who agreed with the decision. Go figure that the guy who actually has to face the electorate in the fall didn’t want to run the risk of this headline appearing three weeks before the election: “SOURCES: OBAMA HAD REASON TO BELIEVE BIN LADEN WAS HIDING IN PAKISTAN SAFE HOUSE, REFUSED TO ORDER SEAL OPERATION.” If you try and fail, you can point to your good intentions and faith in the troops to defend your decision. If you don’t go at all despite there having been a fair chance that OBL was there, what’s the excuse?

In honor of the man who’s given us so much content today, a clip I’ve been meaning to post all week. I’ll be there opening night for the sequel. With a trident.