Video: Obama message to Planned Parenthood supporters oddly silent about key Planned Parenthood service

Via the boss emeritus’s new Twitter aggregator Twitchy. I hate to say it but after watching this I think there might be something to the DNC’s “war on women” message. It’s inexplicable that the GOP wants to yank federal funding for this excellent health organization that provides cancer screenings and contraception and apparently nothing else. Can anyone blame the left for having a screeching, frothing-at-the-mouth fit whenever a conservative suggests having PP pay its own way? They’re all about protecting contraception and cancer screenings and nothing else.

I’m trying to decide whether I prefer his elephant-in-the-room silence here or his cynical dissembling about his true position on gay marriage. Look on the bright side, pro-choicers: He may be afraid to utter the A-word, venturing no closer than gassy euphemisms about “women’s health,” but at least he’ll admit to being on your side when pressed. If an abortion bill made it to his desk tomorrow, he’d say a few words in your favor and sign it. Whereas if a gay marriage bill made it to his desk, he’d … do what? Say a few words against it, then sign it? I prefer the comparative honesty of the silence-and-euphemisms approach. And hey, maybe he’ll be bolder in his next vid as we get closer to election day. Look for something vague about relief from “burdens.” Exit question: Do you suppose PP’s federal funding problem would be solved if it chose to no longer do “nothing else”?

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Duane Patterson 2:01 PM on June 05, 2023