Video: "Occupy Unmasked" trailer

Spring is here, which means warm breezes, bright foliage, and a new season of left-wing activists taking dumps in public. Two and a half dynamic minutes below to welcome them back from Stephen Bannon, director of “The Undefeated” and the new executive chairman of Breitbart News Network. (AB appears in the film and has a brief cameo in the trailer.) I’m surprised that things got so hairy at Zuccotti Park over the weekend. I thought the Democrats and labor would use the winter to rendezvous with local “Occupy” leaders and offer their organizational help if the occupiers would stop generating bad PR for the left already. Either the offer was rejected or I’m wrong about the outreach. And in fact, I probably am wrong: “Occupy” was and is useful to the Democratic establishment to the extent that Obama is in trouble electorally. The better the economy looks — and it does look a bit better than it did six months ago — the less willing prominent liberals will be to try to explain away why “women only” tents are needed at the campsites. At some point the net asset becomes a net liability. I hope for their sake that point doesn’t come during the protests planned for the Dems’ convention this year.

If you’re hungry for more after this, go watch a one-percenter get heckled at an “Occupy” rally for his success. “Make way for 50-million-dollar Michael Moore, everyone!”

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