Video: Are you ready for the presidential NCAA Tournament bracket?

Greg Pollowitz joked a few days ago on Twitter that The One would use this gimmick as a pure pander to swing states and pick Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio State, and Duke. O’s actual picks: Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio State, and Kentucky. He must be awfully high on the Wildcats to waste a Final Four slot on a state he has no chance of winning, especially when he could have had Colorado, the 11 seed, as an upset special in the same region. Poor planning by whoever the White House NCAA Bracketology czar is.

In keeping with the general arc of his presidency, he picked the eventual winner in 2009 (the Tar Heels) and has failed dismally ever since. Two clips for you here, one of “Barack-etology” in action and the other a little commiseration for my fellow Syracuse fans. Look on the bright side, Orange Nation: They were bound to disappoint us. They (almost) always do. At least this year there’s no suspense.

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