Today's dumb Obama campaign demagoguery: The GOP wants employer permission slips for birth control

A nice change of pace from last night’s Koch brothers campaign demogoguery. Today, in lieu of scaring leftists into reaching for their wallets with tales of the evil billionaire hiding under the bed, Team Hopenchange floats this Dan-Rather-worthy mock-up on its Tumblr page as a sign of what’s to come if the Blunt amendment ever passes:

If you can’t read the text, follow the Tumblr link and enlarge their image so that you can. When I first saw it today, I glanced at it and thought Team O was claiming that employees would need ad hoc permission from the boss in order to have their individual health coverage include contraception. That’s an irritating distortion: The Church’s objection isn’t that they want to pick and choose on a case-by-case basis which workers can have their birth control covered or not, it’s that they want to be able to drop birth control from their group plan entirely on conscience grounds. The Tumblr image makes it seem more like a matter of discrimination, in which the company plan does include contraception coverage but whether you’re allowed to participate or not depends entirely on the arbitrary whim of your boss.

But I’m mistaken. When you read the slip closely, you’ll see that it has … nothing to do with health insurance. What Obama’s campaign wants dimwits to believe is that the Blunt amendment would give America’s bosses the power to block their employees from buying contraception — as if suddenly pharmacists everywhere will demand a note from your company before they sell you the pill. Read the text for yourself. Even by the usual standards of hysterical liberal scaremongering over “women’s health,” it’s an instant classic. How dishonest is it? Michael Dougherty of Business Insider counts the ways:

Lie #1 The idea employers have creepy discussions with individual employees about their sex lives when discussing their health insurance compensation. This does not happen. New hires usually get a packet with their insurance information just like everywhere else.

Lie #2 That employers currently (or under any law) would be granting or revoking permission to even use birth control. This is just not true. Currently many schools and hospitals just refuse to pay for it because they believe it directly implicates them in a sinful act. But employees are absolutely free to follow their own conscience and do what they want with their wages.

Lie #3 That there will be more ongoing creepy discussions and that a person’s health insurance will be constantly changed and reviewed according to changeable moral standards. This is not the experience of anyone working at a religious hospital or school, nor would it be.

Lie #4 That these decisions even get this personal. These institutions typically write up an agreement with a health insurer–or they self-insure. It’s an impersonal contract, not an inquisition.

Lie #5 Implicitly this makes it seem like it is also about women and their most common birth-control choices. It doesn’t mention sterilization or “morning-after” drugs that are part of the mandate. And it doesn’t mention most health-policies that don’t cover birth control also don’t cover elective-vasectomies for men.

If a transvaginal ultrasound can constitute “rape,” I suppose a debate about health coverage can turn on whether people will need hall passes from their CEO in order to buy Trojans. Via Politico, here’s Biden today admitting that the first iteration of their new contraception mandate was “screwed up” but that the phony new “compromise” has made things all better. Well, in light of that Tumblr page, obviously.

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