Great news: Obama finally finds the perfect running mate

A palate cleanser via Ace, whose comment thread on this begins, “The idea, and the car, might catch fire!” I dare you to find me a better match. Like Hopenchange, the Volt began as a cutting-edge venture that would carry America’s middle class boldly into the future. And like Hopenchange, the Volt ended up as a fantastically expensive boondoggle that appeals mainly to rich liberals and occasionally bursts into flame. If you think Senate Democrats are excited to ride on Obama’s coattails now — no joke, they really are! — imagine how excited they’ll be when that ride comes courtesy of the finest whisper-quiet electric motor that taxpayer money can subsidize.

Two clips for you here, one of the new ticket and the other an impressively slick spot from Team Hopenchange recounting the last five years of glory. Palin makes a cameo. Not much Volt coverage, though, oddly enough.

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Jazz Shaw 9:21 AM on February 08, 2023