Video: Gingrich's kinda sorta concession speech

Yeah, I’m thinking that a guy who’s quoting the Declaration of Independence in his final lines probably isn’t thinking of conceding the race anytime soon. BuzzFeed has a copy of his campaign’s official post-election talking points, but you don’t really need those to grasp the takeaway here. One line: “It is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader, Newt Gingrich, and the Massachusetts moderate, and the voters of Florida made that clear.” In other words, Santorum’s dead on arrival (even though he polls better against Romney than Newt does), so it’s time for conservatives to consolidate behind the only remaining viable Not Romney in the field. Honestly, that’s probably the most compelling reason for his candidacy going forward. Good for him, I guess, for identifying it.

If you’re wondering why the post about the concession speech is going up after the victory speech, it’s because Newt apparently refused to call Romney to concede tonight and decided to wait him out. Terrific. Exit quotation from Larry Sabato: “None of the February contests are good for Gingrich. Caucuses, by their very nature, reward long, detailed planning and considerable resources to gin up turnout. Translation: They are tailor-made for Romney and Paul.”

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