Video: Romney heckled for not releasing his tax returns

I don’t mind that he hasn’t released them half as much as I mind that his excuses are so feeble. He’s had five years to prepare a principled defense to this question. If, as Ed ably argued this morning, he opposes releasing them because he refuses to play the Democrats’ class-warfare game, just say that. He’ll get plenty of conservative support for telling the media to mind its own business, even though doing so will essentially challenge to them to dig deeper. But that’s not what he says; tonight, for the first time, he actually alluded to releasing returns for more than one year — just not until April, after the primaries will have been substantially decided. I don’t understand that logic at all. Basically he’s saying, “Yes, this is relevant and important enough that I should produce something, but only for general-election voters. Republican voters can go on wondering for another few months.” As it is, we’re left with Newt’s rebuttal: If Romney has nothing to hide and isn’t opposed in principle to releasing them, why not release them now? Does he think class-warfare attacks on his wealth by Gingrich would prove so effective that it would end up tipping the balance of power in the primaries? If that’s true then I really want him to release them. If hating the rich is what the new GOP electorate is all about, let’s find out sooner rather than later.

Exit quotation from Jonah Goldberg: “Romney can’t answer questions about his tax returns at all… He’s terrible at it and he needs to get better, quickly.”