Obligatory: The UCLA Jumbotron marriage proposal

To cleanse the palate. There’s no way this is real, right? The acting seems pitifully bad, from the woman’s slightly-too-demonstrative attempt to kiss him when the camera first pans over to the guy’s downcast look after his beloved bolts. And why does she bolt, anyway? How many women would respond to their boyfriend’s proposal — on camera, with thousands of people watching — by literally running away, knowing how it would humiliate him? And why is the woman with the mic just a few steps away when it all goes down? That’s mighty coincidental positioning in an arena this big.

And yet:

Some people are asking me if that runaway proposal was staged. I just asked. A UCLA spokesman said it wasn’t.

According to ABC, “A fan in the stands near the couple tweeted the reporter that the man was ‘visibly shaken up. She seemed nervous.'” The clip has almost three million YouTube views in the past two days and has been picked up by dozens of sites, and yet unless I missed something on Google, no one’s come forward to name either of them. Very odd. Exit question: Fake, right? C’mon.