It begins: Romney is a "Massachusetts moderate at best," says Gingrich

He said it was coming and now here it comes. I think Liz Mair’s dead right:

I don’t know where Newt Gingrich will finish tomorrow night, but I bet you money he doesn’t go away or stop trashing Romney now.

Based on this Piers Morgan interview, in fact, I would assume Newt is now personally aggrieved and is going to torch Romney longer & harder.

Just for sport, I mean. Not necessarily even with the actual objective of Newt winning the nomination. Just because he can.

Prepare yourself for the next three weeks and possibly beyond by watching the first three minutes from his chat today with Bret Baier and then three more from the interview with Morgan that Mair mentions. One of his strategists is promising a “fiery” speech tomorrow night too, which I assume will unload on Romney for the negative ads. I wonder how far he’s willing to take this. In the other thread, I said he’s probably the guy who’s most likely to drop out before South Carolina and throw his support to Santorum or Perry in order to consolidate conservative voters behind a Not Romney. Can/should either of those guys offer him something now to try to make it happen? I don’t know if Newt would want to be VP — someone who thinks of himself as a figure of historical greatness probably isn’t keen on the lamest job in politics — but maybe a cabinet position of some sort? If Newt can’t be king, presumably he’d enjoy being kingmaker. What could they offer him?