Newt spokesman on Romney's VAT idea: Let's face it, he's flirting with "European socialism"

Two questions with one week to go. One: Is there still time to convince undecideds that Romney’s a RINO? And two: Are there any undecideds left who still need convincing?

I’m thinking “yes” on both counts.

Gingrich campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond said that the Romney ruminations were part and parcel of the case Newt Gingrich will be making to voters this week: that he represents conservative values, while Romney is a “Massachusetts moderate.”

“The fact that he’s willing to look at European Socialism shows just how far out of the conservative mainstream he is,” Hammond said…

The other policy point raised by Romney came in a December 22 interview with the Concord Monitor, in which the former Massachusetts Governor said that “I don’t believe a path to make us more like Europe will make us stronger. I don’t think Europe is working in Europe. I know it won’t work here.”

Lest you doubt that this will be Newt’s closing argument against Romney, watch the two clips below. The first, from Gingrich’s campaign, is all sunshine and candy canes about creating jobs, etc. The second, from his PAC, hints darkly about the “liberal Republican establishment” that’s been attacking him with negative ads. I wonder who he means. Romney, meanwhile, appears to be reverting to his electability pitch by needling Gingrich about not getting on the Virginia ballot. Quote:

“I think he compared it to Pearl Harbor. I think it’s more like Lucille Ball and the chocolate factory,” Romney told reporters at a campaign stop at Geno’s Chowder House. “I mean, you got to get it organized.”…

This was the second time today Romney swiped Gingrich. This morning in Londonderry, Romney called Gingrich’s Virginia primary miss “not the best hour” of his bid for the White House.

“He’s running his campaign in a way he thinks best,” Romney said. “Obviously the Virginia setting was not the best hour of his campaign.”

Romney’s spokeswoman ripped Gingrich on MSNBC this morning too for his “desperate” attempts to revive a “failing campaign,” all of which is Romneyspeak for “Newt will never be organized enough to stop the Obama machine.” So there’s your choice, Iowa: The guy who pushed Massachusetts health care even further to the left, the guy who can’t stick to a bus schedule he planned a week ago, and a guy whose answers to questions about the Bilderbergers aren’t nearly as dismissive as they should be. Good luck, Hawkeyes.

Update: The gloves are coming off:

Newt on Mitt’s Lucille Ball comment: “I’d love to have him say that to my face.”