Video: The sadly obligatory "Barney Frank lettin' it all hang out" clip

Via Mediaite. I don’t want to blog it, I have to blog it. If only as catharsis: Having now seen this, the only thing that can ease my suffering is making you suffer with me.

It might not have been so bad if not for the nipples. The terrible, terrible nipples. Worthy of a reprimand?

Dress Code: Members should dress appropriately which has traditionally been considered to include a coat and tie for male Members and appropriate attire for female Members. Members should not wear overcoats or hats on the Floor while the House is in session. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted. The use of personal electronic equipment, including cellular telephones and laptop computers, is banned on the Floor of the House (clause 5 of Rule XVII).

Serious question: Is this a prank? It’s his last term in Congress and he’s known for his sense of humor. Maybe he got up this morning, decided he wanted to do something he’d never done before, and settled on “no bra today.” Remember him fondly, my friends.