New Perry ad: "Momentum"

If he shocks the world in Iowa, you know what that’ll mean? It’ll mean the Hot Gas reader poll was a leading indicator of his surge.

The new Insider Advantage poll has him back to third place in the state, up six points from November and just four points behind Paul for second. If Gingrich says something stupid in the next three weeks — the risk of which is always very real — we could see the craziest caucus night in modern political history. And despite months of setbacks, Perry’s going all out to try to make it happen:

Rick Perry has a reputation as a campaigner in Texas: He’s dangerous, but even more dangerous when he’s down. The next three weeks in Iowa will present him with the ultimate underdog challenge as he undertakes a last-ditch, massive effort to save his presidential bid.

Wednesday marks the beginning of a 14-day, 42-city bus tour that will see the Texas governor traverse the Hawkeye State, logging more than 1,000 miles as he strives to regain his standing among the top tier of candidates for the GOP nomination…

Perry, the candidate who has never lost an election, has one more trick up his sleeve: the so-called Strike Force.

Starting in late December, between 500 and 700 volunteers, predominantly from Texas, will descend on Iowa to help get out Perry’s message. These volunteers will have paid their own way, and will help supplement an already strong network of supporters Perry has established in the state. The result may be an ability to out-organize most of the competition, bringing the same intensity and extensive voter contact that President Obama did in 2008.

He’s been needling Romney about
his wealth and that moronic $10,000 bet offer too to make a play for blue-collar Iowans. Here’s the ad plus the irresistible/obligatory new “bad lip-reading” clip. If you can spare the time, I also want you to watch the clip Perry made for Ben Howe of Red State talking about veterans and his military service. In a sea of soundbites and talking points, it stands out for its intimacy and sincerity.

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