Inevitable: Survivalist show to debut on Glenn Beck's network

To cleanse the palate. I’ll be tuning in, as this show perfectly suits my preference for television composed of 95 percent mockworthy cheesiness and five percent useful skills and/or terrifying cautionary tales. That’s why I never miss an episode of “Man vs. Wild” or “Ghost Adventures.” Or “Bridezillas.” It’ll make for ideal drunk viewing unless and until the Eurozone collapses, when we’ll all be watching with notebooks and pencils in hand.

Actually, this show isn’t debuting so much as re-debuting. It first aired last year on the History Channel, got dropped, and now is being picked up by GBTV. The press release is promising tips on how to make your own alcohol for barter in post-apocalyptic America, so you’ll want to record that episode at least. Exit question: What would the Current TV equivalent of this show be? Tips on how to live on an island for after the ice caps melt?