Cain to make major announcement about campaign tomorrow

No word yet on what the announcement will be, but he’s down to 0.5 percent on InTrade as I write this. To put that in perspective, Trump’s at 0.4 percent.

Look on the bright side: With him and Huckabee back to back, Fox News’s new Saturday night line-up will be dynamite.

One supporter who has been summoned to the private session said he believes that Cain is likely to announce he is ending his candidacy.

Another who has been invited to the morning meeting says attendees have been told he has made no decision, but wanted to meet with some of the supporters to express his gratitude.

Several sources indicated that Cain is likely to announce his plans publicly at a news conference after the meeting. Cain had already scheduled an event on Saturday — the grand opening of his national headquarters in his hometown of Atlanta, as well as the announcement of his campaign’s freshly minted senior leadership team for the state of Georgia.

Newsweek published a gossipy piece this morning claiming that Cain’s wife wants him out of the race. I sent the article to a friend who used to work for him and she scoffed at the whole thing, especially the sketchiness of the sourcing. Could be, of course, that the piece is nonsense but that Cain’s getting out anyway just because the cost/benefit calculus of staying in has shifted so dramatically. I imagine that’d be an awfully wrenching decision, though, for a guy whose can-do attitude has brought him so much success. He’s a millionaire, a former CEO, and the owner of a high enough self-regard that he’s prone to referring to himself in the third person. (His Twitter handle is “THEHermanCain,” for cripes sake.) Not the type of personality who’s prone to quit and slink off under suspicion, even if defeat is inevitable. But we’ll see.

Exit question: If he’s on his way out, what’s with the brand new “Women for Cain” section on his website?