Alan Colmes: What's with these infiltrators causing violence at OWS events?

Honestly, I can’t tell if he’s serious or not. Skip ahead to 1:55 of the first clip for his exchange with Andy Levy on last night’s “Red Eye,” with Levy making a nice point: How can any movement purporting to represent “the 99 percent” be “infiltrated” unless it’s rich people who are sneaking into the camps to do a little raping under cover of darkness? Then watch the second clip, via The Blaze, in which Colmes seems to abandon the “infiltrator” idiocy in favor of a don’t-judge-us-by-our-worst-elements ethic that the left never, ever applied to the tea party. Maybe, in the spirit of the show, he was joking on “Red Eye”? Or did someone e-mail him a copy of the OWS police blotter between that show last night and his appearance with Megyn Kelly today, such that even he realized the “infiltrator” crap just isn’t going to convince anyone anymore?

Before you watch, go have a look at Shepard Fairey’s latest experiment in creepy hagiography. I think the parallel he’s drawing is dead right: Liberals are bitterly disappointed that Obama hasn’t moved even further to the left than he already has, so now they’re latching onto a new icon that might get them there. This one will do considerably less for them than the last one did.