New Perry ad: Who's Obama calling "lazy"?

What do you do when your net favorable rating is just +4 among Republicans and -36 among likely voters generally? Why, you rally to America’s defense by dumping on the Unicorn Prince for his latest bit of tin-eared hectoring, replete with a base-pleasing flourish criticizing The One’s “socialist policies.” This is basically a mini-promo for his new plan to “uproot” the three branches of government, which he rolled out yesterday in order to reboot his image as a small government/good government crusader. Click through for the particulars. Some ideas, like ending insider trading by congressional sleazebags, are solid and feasible. Many others, like ending lifetime tenure for federal judges or eliminating the Department of Education, simply aren’t going to happen, such that it’s hard to take the plan seriously as anything except a desperate attempt at re-branding. That’s fine, I guess — Ace makes the case that the time for a second look at Perry has come since he is, after all, plenty conservative and Not Romney and unlikely to indulge any of his RINO-ier impulses once he has a Republican Congress holding him in check. I’m resisting that second look right now not because any of those points are wrong but because I’m still trying to accept Perry as an “okay, whatever” option for the nomination after his big fizzle. When he entered the race, he was a knight on a horse come to slay the RINO dragon; after two a half months of debates, he’s become the guy we might be forced to circle back to after flirting with Cain, Gingrich, and who knows who else over the next six weeks. Maybe he is, in spite of everything, still the best Romney alternative in the field, but there’s just no getting excited about him at this point. Perry as nominee? Eh, okay. Whatever.