Cain: I wouldn't be Romney's VP -- but I'd consider being his secretary of defense

Via Mediaite, what do you think? You think the famously cautious Romney would be willing to start his term with a nasty confirmation hearing featuring lots of mud-slinging by Democrats about sexual harassment? You think a President Perry or President Gingrich would be any more eager for that? (Newt seems more inclined towards a John Bolton type, which would present problems of a different sort.) Ironically, Cain’s a better prospect for VP now than he is for a cabinet position precisely because that’s the only path to power left for him that would avoid the need for congressional approval.

Here’s a list of Romney’s foreign policy and national security advisors, incidentally. Chertoff, Hayden, Cofer Black: All respect to Cain for his Navy work, but somehow I don’t see President Mitt installing an establishment outsider atop the defense pyramid when he has a stable like that. Given his economic focus and personal charm, Cain would be better off with an ambassadorship. What about Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan? (Yes, I know, ambassadors need to be confirmed too.)

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David Strom 8:01 AM on October 03, 2022